sacred heart province
Ernakulam - Kerala


O6 May 1930

The beginning of Ernakulam unit – Blessing of the first house at Koratty

08 Sept. 1932

Vestition of the first four members – Sr. Tharseena, Sr. Patience, Sr. Padua and Sr. Cordona

27 Nov. 1935

Demise of Sr. Padua

05 June 1938

Beginning of the Canonical Novitiate at Koratty

10 Dec. 1940

Perpetual Profession of the first three members

28 Aug. 1948

Mother Mary Cruz became the first Mother General of Ernakulam unit

15 May 1954

Mother Sienna became the Mother General of Ernakulam unit

10 Jan. 1956

Demise of Archbishop Mar Augustine Kandathil, who initiated the beginning of Adoration Congregation in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam

22 April 1961

Bifurication of Ernakulam Province and the establishment of Kothamangalam Province

15 Sept. 1963

Unification of the Congregation under one Superior General

30 Nov. 1965

Beginning of our apostolate at Gladbeck, Germany

18 March 1966

Blessing of the Perpetual Adoration chapel at Ernakulam

21 Feb. 1968

Starting the first mission station of Ernakulam Province at Demdima in West Bengal

30 April 1968

Shifting the Novitiate from Koratty to Kalamassery

16 Oct. 1968

Starting the Juniorate at Kalamassery

25 May 1972

Demise of Mother May Chantal at Athirampuzha

16 Aug. 1972

Demise of Mother Sienna

24 Aug. 1972

Demise of Rev. Fr. Antony Kandathil, the Chaplain of Koratty convents for 14 years and the spiritual father of novices for 12 years

14 Jan. 1974

Shifting the Provincialate from Koratty to Kalamassery

24 Nov. 1979

The Blessing of the Novitiate House at Thrikkakara

08 Dec. 1979

Mother Lambert became the Superior General

16 Dec. 1979

Shifting the Novitiate from Kalamassery to Thrikkakara

30 March 1980

Golden Jubilee Celebration of S. H. Province, Ernakulam

03 March 1984

Beginning of our apostolic activities in Italy

14 May 1984

Golden Jubilee Celebration of the first member of the province – Sr. Tharseena

01 Oct. 1984

Demise of V. Rev. Fr. Sales C. M. I. – President, Unification of our Congregation

09 May 1985

Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sr. Cordona

24 May 1986

Starting the first house at Palayoor in the Diocese of Thrissur

19 Oct. 1986

Inauguration of Christu Jyothi Region, Satna

14 Jan. 1991

Beginning of Pastoral Care Service at Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam

26 Dec. 1991

Starting the first house at Chittoor, Attapady in the Diocese of Palakkad

15 Dec. 1993

Blessing of ‘Anugraha” Prayer House at Munnoorppilly

16 Jan. 1996

Blessing of the convent in the Diocese of Musoma, Africa

08 Dec. 1997

Mother Thecla became the Superior General

29 March 1998

Erection of Christu Jyothi Vice Provinve, Satna

08 Jan 1999

Inauguration of Karunyashram – a rehabilitation centre for women in distress

14 Feb. 1999

Blessing of Anand Bhavan – a home for street children

04 Aug. 1999

Erection of Nirmal Rani Region, Thrissur

04 March 2000

Erection of Vimal Rani Region, Palakkad

05 Oct. 2000

Beginning of our apostolate in the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, America

11 Jan. 2001

Erection of Nirmal Rani Vice Province, Thrissur

15 Sept. 2003

Christu Jyothi Vice Province Satna became a Province

15 Nov. 2003

Nirmal Rani Vice Province Thrissur became a Province

19 Jan. 2004

Erection of Vimal Rani Province, Palakkad

06 May 2005

Platinum Jubilee Celebration of the Province

1 Nov. 2008

SABS Centenary Celebration in S. H. Provincialate at Kalamassery

24 Aug. 2009

Beginning of a new venture in the area of Rehabilitation of women sex workers and HIV/AIDS patients

02 May 2011

Blessing of ‘Pranidhan’ SABS Centenary Memorial Perpetual Adoration Chapel at Kalamassery

01 June 2011

Starting of 24 hours adoration (day & night) at ‘Pranidhan’



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