sacred heart province
Ernakulam - Kerala

Social Apostolate


“Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28/19). The goal of all our evangelization is to build up communities that experience the active presents of the Eucharistic Lord. We must always remember that our life itself is the greatest mission and witness. The missionary guided by the Holy Spirit becomes a witness to Christ through her prayerful life, holiness, and active apostolate. Taking into account the needs of the church in India, we engage in mission work. With the Good News of salvation, we go to any part of the world to make the Eucharistic Lord known to all the people by our presence and ministries. We try to accomplish this through evangelization, corporate works of mercy, and developmental programme. In our missionary works our preferential option shall be to work in the developing countries among the poor, sick, illiterate, oppressed and the needy. Sharing the fruits of our charism, we bring them to the Eucharistic Jesus, the answer to all problems. Sisters who are not able to do direct missionary work help the sisters working in the missions by encouraging them and being with them in spirit through prayer and self-sacrifice, and promoting vocations to the missions.




Mother Provincial